Hello my lovelies! So, here we are! The first post on the offical Stephanie Nadia Website. Ahh! Its exciting and overwhelming at the same time. There so much to say and so much to do!

Let’s start off with who I am.

I’m Stephanie Nadia, a creative entrepreneur with a passion to inspire creativity, living in the heart of Brooklyn, NY.Creativity is such a definitive concept when it comes to the make up of who i am–Its wired into me. I first started my youtube channel back in 2012, and since then I have fallen in love with the social world and all its possibilities. To get a better idea of who I am check out my 50 facts video on my youtube channel.

So why have I started this blog?

Well, what I love more than creativity, is sharing creativity and inspiring others.  And that’s the goal of this blog. I want to inspire others through DIYs, beauty tutorials, design, decor or my own experiences. This space is a creative outlet where I can connect with my beautiful and talented viewers. I want to be able to bring a wide variety of content to you all, building up from the content I already provide on my youtube channel. Here is the setup I have in mind:

Monday Feels- Ill pretty much be posting reflections, random inspiration, poetry, vlogs & lifestyle.

DIY Tuesday- is self-explanatory. Original DIY and other must share DIYs. Easy to Advance levels.

Thursday Beauty & Fashion- some of my favorite beauty looks, fashion inspiration, & video tutorials.

Im also looking forward to inviting talented others who will post regularly!


I am excited for this next step in my journey and welcome all those who decide to join me!


“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” -C.S. Lewis

#DreamChaser #Hello2015



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