I am a starter. But it’s always been tough for me to finish. I have tried doing 100 days without fear with Michelle Poler, and I loved the start of it. It was and has been an incredible experience, but I really couldn’t think of 100 fears to face. I did learn to be more fearless though and take more projects on that I would normally say no to or be afraid of failing at. I also started the 100 vlogs mission (#daretolive vlogs) with Jessica and that’s going ok, except I haven’t vlogged in the past 3 weeks -_-. So you can see a pattern here.

Here’s the truth. There have been times I get really hard on myself about not accomplishing the goals I set out and then I get discouraged and immobilize myself. But when I stop to see what I have accomplished I am grateful for what I have done and what I have been blessed with. So many of these 100 projects opened doors for me, created space for creativity and connected me with such talented and amazing people.

I don’t think I will ever stop facing my fears so the #100dayswithoutfear project isn’t really over and I will definitely pick up vlogging again. I just don’t know that life will always permit me to get it up consistently (but you can always find me on instastories & snapchat: istephanienadia). I will try though (there will always be travel vlogs).

And that brings me to the 100 photos of fashion (#100SNFash). I don’t know if I will accomplish this goal, but I do know I want to try. In 2017 I want to post 100 fashion related photos on my instagram account (I’ll also share them here) that bring me outside my comfort zone and spread body-positivity.

If you want to join me in the journey feel free to use the #100SNFash on instagram, I would love to feature some of you beauties! Don’t forget to subscribe to keep up and follow me on social media so we can chat!

1. Black Duster with Faux Leather Detail: Torrid (no longer available, check below to purchase similar)
2. Black Over-Size V-neck Tee: Charlotte Russe
3. Black Leggings: Charlotte Russe
4. Adidas Superstar Casual
5. Black Dad Cap: Amazon