I hate playing it safe. I do it a lot because it’s comfortable and easy. And when it comes to fashion, there are many days I do just that. So, for the passerby, they’d see a basic AF brown girl. And that’s not all I am. Yes, its wonderful to stay in my cocoon once in while and hide in plain sight, but sometimes my inner chaotic, whimsical and creative self needs to let loose. Hence my cat ears.

Ever since I spotted them on Amazon and whipped them out for NYE I have been obsessed. I have even worn them to church a few times. I could wear them everyday, even in sweats and a tee, because I love the way they make me feel. I don’t really care what others think.

For NYE I wore my diamond studded cat ears with my new favorite striped top from Torrid and a pair of leggings with oxblood chelsea boot. I thought I’d pull the same look together for this shoot. And ofcourse, like all things done with Jessica, we took it to the next level. I stole her faux fur coat and my heart was complete. The rest of the day I felt like a Queen. Well, I am a Queen.

Well, I am a Queen.

1. Striped Crepe Hi-Lo Top: Torrid
2. Black Leggings: Charlotte Russe
3. Oxblood Chelsea Boots: ASOS
4. Cat Ears: Amazon
5. Choker: Amazon
6. Jess’s Faux Fur Jacket: Torrid

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