Fringe & The Magic Maker (16/100)

The minute the sun came out and it got a little warmer here in NYC, I ditched the winter coat and grabbed my new favorite suede fringe jacket that Gwynnie Bee gifted me and it instantly became a glorious day.

The weather definitely made this shoot a heavenly one, although, shoots never go perfect. They are actually a lot of work and things often go awry (like the little girl who came by and slammed her sticky hands again and again all over our full size mirror as her dad chuckled, or the hipsters who kept coming into shot to take pretentious pictures of themselves in that same mirror). But luckily, I have one of the best photographers a girl could have ever dreamed of working with 😜, my amazing hubby, David.

Not only is he an amazing husband, but on shoot days, he becomes an amazing photographer, assistant stylist, hair dresser, location scout, body guard, wardrobe carrier, shoe organizer, chauffeur, boomerang artist, production admin, lunch boy, errand boy, and lint-roll master. Without him, I wouldn’t be able to see a lot of what my little ol’ mind can dream up come to fruition. And I know when I finally finish this #100SNFash challenge he will be standing right there next to me. So here’s to my husband and all those beautiful individuals out there who make magic that’s never seen on camera–you are amazing and deeply appreciated. Love you all!


1. Suede Fringe Jacket: City Chic
2. Black T-Shirt: Forever21
3. Burgundy Jeans: Charlotte Russe (no longer sold; buy similar here)
4. Black Suede Shoes: ASOS ( no longer sold; buy similar here)
5. Choker: Amazon


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