Spring is my favorite season! Every year when spring came that meant better weather (goodbye gloomy winter), spring break, parties with the family, school coming to an end and my birthday would be right around the corner! I was excited for the newness, watching our earth come alive again–it’s inspiring. I was eager to be another year older, and excited for the new possibilities of that year. My imagination was limitless and so the dreams of adventure only became more grandiose with each coming year.

This is my 29th spring. Yes, this means I will be turning 29 this May. 29 scares me a bit. I imagine at 29 I would have had full understanding of this adulting thing and I don’t. It also scares me because I have put 29 in a box. 29 is right before 30, therefore you should put all childlike things away and figure it out–no time for dreams. 29 means you’ve had a good amount of time to get it right. 29 means you have less time to hit all the goals you set out to do because 30 is next. 29 means stop believing in those BHAG dreams, and settle into practical.

But, none of this is true.

I’ve had to remind myself–to stop dreaming, growing, learning, imagining, exploring, playing, and believing would only mean death. And I believe God invites me to so much more. He invites all of us to so much more. Spring will come every year, and every year the same old ground grows new things. That’s the life I commit myself to.

I am excited for this 29th spring, and all that awaits! I will face it with open arms, a loving heart, a listening ear, fearlessness, laughter and a promise to dream and grow in all the paths God invites me to. For all of you reading, I hope the same things for you too! Be fearless! Share yourself whether it be through clothes, words, art, love and friendships. Don’t settle into a box. There is much more to learn and do! No matter how old you are you have not yet arrived.


1. T-Shirt: Zion Church
2. Floral Bomber: Gwynnie Bee
3. Mesh Leggings: Forever 21 (Sold out, but find similar in link)
4. Suede High Tops: Dolce Vita
5. Black FitBit: FitBit

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