Suede Skirts, Bell Sleeves & Gwynnie Bee

The more I try new things, experiment, play and discover when it comes to fashion, the more I learn about myself. I am a growing and changing multifaceted woman who has so much to say–clothes are one form of expression for me. I started the #100SNfash challenge almost a year ago to challenge myself to step outside my comfort zone, celebrate my body and encourage other women along the journey. At this point I don’t know if I actually beat the challenge yet, because I lost track! lol. I have posted more fashion related post than I ever have this year than in the 5 years I have been beauty blogging. I feel more fearless, confident and accomplished! I am so glad I started this journey. And soon enough I will do an update on #100SNFash challenge along with the # I finished at. But for right now, I am winning! #ThankYouJesus! And did I mention, I’ll be a in a magazine feature soon! 😮😜. I’ll share details soon enough!

A great reason for my stretch into the fashion industry has been because of Gwynnie Bee! They have given me incredible access to all kinds of brands and styles. If you are not familiar with Gwynnie Bee tyou need to check them out. It’s a girl’s dream come true–having access to an endless wardrobe of over 150 brands, sizes 10-32, at your fingertips! Gwynnie Bee’s system is so simple and easy to use, you can either #RentNReturn or #BorrowNBuy. And there is no limit to how often you return and add items to your closet. What I love most about Gwynnie Bee, is the endless options and style I get to play with. It’s a closet where there is absolute freedom to try, discover and play. If you get something you don’t want to keep you can return it, but if you get something you fall in love with, like these outfits, you can buy it at a discounted price. Here’s a Free 30-Day trial if you are interested in joining the GB fam 😘.

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