If you follow me on Instagram and my travel highlights you already know one of my lifelong goals is to travel to all 195 countries! I know, it’s a very big hairy audacious goal. So hopefully, every year, a few countries at a time, we will take this monstrous goal on! And it all starts with the planning, then the packing, the photography/videography, journaling and unforgettable moments. There’s a lot that goes into travel, especially for an adventure like this one: ITALY DREAM TRIP. But no worries, I decided to do a little blog series (#SNTravelTips) here to help with all of that. This summer I’ll be traveling to a few places and decided I would share my tips with you all, starting with my packing list!

I designed a packing list to help me pack for all my trips and I have shared it with a few friends who now use it regularly. Hopefully, you will find it helpful for your travel plans too. To stay up to date with my travel series sign-up for my newsletter. In the coming weeks, I’ll be sharing my full Thailand and Italy/Santorini Itineraries for those of you interested in trips to those countries, General travel planning tips & free travel google doc template, free travel stickers & designs, travel photography & videography tips and much more. Also feel free to ask questions, they may just be my next travel blog topic!


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