CariPro for Whiter Teeth

People have always asked me how do I get my teeth so white. And honestly, my secret weapon has always been an electric toothbrush. An electric toothbrush cleans your teeth in ways brushing manual just can’t do. I have been using an electric toothbrush as apart of my oral care routine since high school, so it’s been a couple of decades. 

When my husband and I got married, we were gifted an electric toothbrush set. But as of recently, we were in need of an upgrade and so I jumped at the opportunity to work with Smile Brilliant to try out their electric toothbrush system and see how it compared to our old one. I was also really interested to see how the different settings of the brush would change up my oral care game.

There are 5 different brush settings on the toothbrush: clean, white, massage, gum care, and sensitive. I was intrigued by the settings that had more to do with gum care as this isn’t seen in many other electric toothbrush kits I have used. Here’s what each setting does and how they felt for me:


The Clean mode is the standard mode for daily cleaning. The first impression I had was, I thought the brush bristles were a bit too soft for me and the vibrations of the brush tickled my gums at first. It took a bit to adjust to this new movement which was different from my previous electric brushes. The difference is the CariPro vibrates were as my previous brush, the bristles itself moved back/forth or side to side. Using this mode was ok for me. It isn’t my prefered cleaning mode, mostly because it was to gentle for my preference. This makes it perfect for those with sensitive teeth and gums!


This is the most powerful cleaning mode! And my goto setting. It definitely gets into all the nooks and crannies. Specifically, what I have noticed since using this setting and the CariPro system, is I am getting a better clean in the hard to reach areas and the tight spots between my teeth. The bristles of the brush seem to fit more easily into these hard to reach areas as compared to previous electric toothbrushes I have used.


This mode was definitely something I was interested in trying out. Its meant specifically to massage your gums for stimulation in conjunction with one of the other cleaning settings. I don’t use it daily, but I try to use it every other day. I haven’t noticed any significant benefits to it, but I imagine at my next dentist appointment the doctor will be impressed with my oral care.


This mode also works on your gum care focusing on the gumline. And this was important for me because my gumline can be sensitive at times and harder to clean with larger chunky brush heads. This really gets in there and makes a difference.


And now for those of you who have sensitive teeth and gums there is a setting just for you! It is the most delicate setting for teeth cleaning, and what I started with until I got used to the vibrations.

Overall, the CariPro is a great addition to my oral care routine. The only things I personally see missing are 1. stronger/stiffer brush head, 2. Different style electric toothbrush heads (like the smaller ones that are meant just for the gumline) 3. Movement. I like the different intensities of the vibration settings, but I am so accustomed to an electric toothbrush that has moving parts as opposed to just vibration. I defintely prefer brushes with movement over vibration.

Going forward I will continue to use the CariPro in conjunction with my other electric toothbrush, as they both do things for me that the other doesn’t. Maybe down the line the CariPro system will include some of the missing features I mentioned above making it the best oral care system out there!

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