For decades magazines and editorials captured a very limited view of what a beautiful woman looks like. And through the years some changes have been made. I loved seeing people like @ashleygraham and @lizzobeeating on @allure. But there is still a limited scope when it comes to editorial, runway and couture fashion. I mean, Hello #NYFW!?

I want to play a part in expanding that depiction. I want to show curvy girls, brown girls, women that look like me, who are often forgotten in media, that they are worthy of being seen in this medium (this is also an attempt to show myself this truth too). We all are powerfully and mysteriously attractive beings capable of so much more than the world tells us we are and limits us to be. Can you see yourself on a magazine cover? We all are worthy of being on a magazine cover no matter our size. We are worthy of being recognized, known and celebrated in all things that make us, us.

So let me introduce you to my new project: An A-Z Editorial Fashion Journey of a Curvy Brown Girl. 💁🏽‍♀️#EditorialFatshionA new letter was released daily until ‘Z’. Follow me @stephanienadia and TURN ON YOUR POST NOTIFICATIONS on Instagram to get notified as soon as I post the new series ❤️. See my instagram for more photos, my mood board, and vision. And if you care to join this creative journey use #EditorialFATshion

My thoughts and Inspo board that I worked from. I created one for each letter. Swipe through the gallery below to see the shots we took for Allure or click the link to go to the Instagram post with more details.

A is for Allure

Allure: the quality of being powerfully and mysteriously attractive or fascinating.



My thoughts and Inspo board for ‘B.’

B is for Bodega



C is for Chaos 



D is for Dreamer

E is for Ego

F is for Freedom 

G is for Groovy

H is for Heat

I is for Imagination

J is for Journey

K is for Kiss 

L is for Light

M is for Moment

N is for Nautical

O is for Other

P is for Pastel

Q is for Queen 

R is for Release

S is for Surrender

T is for Tale

U is for Undone 

V is for Vivid

W is for Whimsy

X is for Xenodochial 

Y is for You

Z is for Zzz

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• Photographer: @dstjean88
• Location: Mom’s Rooftop in BKLYN
• Creative Direction: me
• Styling: me


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