Stephanie Nadia is an award-winning youtuber. Established in 2013, the Stephanie Nadia brand has become an outlet for plus-size fashion, beauty, creativity, body-positivity and women empowerment. The brand’s goals are: to bring about more diverse representation in the fashion/beauty industry, with Stephanie coming from a mixed background representing both her south asian & latin american heritage; to empower women of all shapes, sizes, age and color; and to inspire people to #daretolive (live creatively and spread positivity). Stephanie’s passion for life and the brand’s vision is evident in all the content she makes. She puts intelligent ideas at the core of everything she creates, developing content that is unique, relevant, captivating, share-worthy and above all, unforgettable. Stephanie Nadia’s videos have been recognized by several brands, public figures and social platforms including BuzzFeed and Ashton Kutcher himself. She has worked with several beauty & fashion brands to bring creative collaborative content to her growing viewership. Stephanie currently has an ongoing partnership with Gwynnie Bee (modeling, reviews & video) and Shape Magazine, creating the Blush Up with Steph beauty video series for Shape’s online platform.

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